Next Generation Marketing Prepares for Summer Food Drive

Next Generation Marketing Inc's CEO discussed a summer food drive in which the firm's brand managers will be taking part. He also outlined a few ways giving back creates a stronger team.

“We get involved in a range of good causes to advance our commitment to social giving,” declared Kevin, the CEO of Next Generation Marketing Inc. “Our team members contribute to various nonprofits throughout the year to give back to the community that has enabled our success. This summer, we’re excited to take part in a food drive in support of two great charities.”

Kevin continued, “We’re proud to be part of Tony Robbins’ local chapter of Feeding America and the Alameda County Community Food Bank. With the assistance of these wonderful organizations, our summer food drive will help people from all walks of life in the Bay Area. We welcome donations of canned food here at the Next Generation Marketing Inc office. If all of us in the community come together, we can have a huge impact for those fighting hunger.”

The firm’s summer food drive will run from June 8 through August 31. “This is a prime opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives,” the CEO added. “It’s also another chance to promote the Next Generation Marketing Inc commitment to social impact. We want consumers to know we’re serious about supporting the community in which we live and work.”

Next Generation Marketing Inc’s CEO on the Team-Building Benefits of Giving Back

Supporting good causes brings a rewarding feeling of its own, but this is far from the only reason to give back to the community. Kevin added, “Our team is more engaged because they know we’re committed to making a difference. People want to know their employers truly care, just as consumers want to support companies that show social awareness. We take pride in our giveback endeavors and our team members’ dedication to making a positive impact.”

Team members also grow closer when they come together for philanthropic purposes. “We organize a host of giveback events for our team,” the CEO stated. “Many of our Next Generation Marketing Inc charitable acts allow us to use skills we don’t necessarily put to use during our normal workdays. It’s always inspiring to see talents and positive traits we never knew about before. As we discover our team members’ strengths during these giving pursuits, we typically see a leap in office collaboration.”

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