Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Working With New Brands

PLEASANTON, CA - The leaders at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. are excited to announce that the firm will be representing three new brands. This creates opportunities for advancement within the company and a need for new associates.

“We are a unique group of professionals in many respects, but there are some ways in which we’re a lot like other companies,” declared Kevin, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s President. “One important similarity is how excited we get when we add new product lines to our existing portfolio. Growth is the lifeblood of any business, and when we expand our services we are reminded of the effectiveness of our advertising approach.”

When asked for details, Kevin said that Next Generation Marketing, Inc. has brought on three new brands, two of which are in the health and beauty industry. The third is a luxury bedding line. These are existing divisions in the firm already, which makes the President extremely confident that the team will not only hit the sales goals set for these new partners, but exceed them. He explained, saying, “Our goal is to take these businesses to the next level of success, and generate three to four times more sales volume for them than they were able to create on their own in the past.”

“We’ve got some really sharp people leading the charge for these new members of the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. portfolio,” Kevin said. “Nathan, Samantha, Brianna, and Bianca were all chosen to lead because of their continued attention to detail and amazing customer service skills, making them ideal to launch these new brands. I’m excited to see what they achieve, and confident that it will be remarkable.”

Entry-Level Openings Being Offered Due to Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Expansion

Bringing these three brands on board is no small undertaking for the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. professionals, and they will certainly be looking for help in the near future. According to Kevin, the firm’s roster will double in size over the course of the next year. While experience and education are certainly factors in the hiring process, the President encourages anyone with ambition and a desire to work on a team to consider applying.

“The Next Generation Marketing, Inc. investment in personal and professional development is second to none,” Kevin confirmed. “Not only do we offer traditional educational opportunities, but we provide one-to-one coaching, travel opportunities to industry conferences, and cross-training opportunities both in our own office and at other national leading firms around the country. I’m confident that I can train anyone to use our marketing methods, but I need them to bring a passion for collaboration and continual learning. We offer careers here – not just jobs, so only long-term candidates need apply.”

About Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

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