Next Generation Marketing, Inc.'s Year in Review

According to the firm's President, 2016 has been a fruitful year for Next Generation Marketing, Inc. He reviewed several of the team's events and accomplishments from the past 12 months.

“Next Generation Marketing, Inc. has gained more recognition as an industry leader, in large part to our team’s hard work throughout 2016,” said Kevin, the company President. “Our success raising visibility, return business, and profits for high-value products has led to an increased demand for our sales and marketing services. We’ve added five new brands to our portfolio!”

In response to this growing demand, Kevin and his fellow leaders on-boarded new talent throughout the past 12 months. Hiring is always an exciting process at Next Generation Marketing, Inc., because the field’s most innovative people compete to join the team. They are attracted by the career perks the firm offers.

“We’re all about learning and growth,” stated Kevin. “As soon as we hire, new team members jump into our hands-on training. Even after they acquire all the best marketing practices, they continue to receive opportunities to attend conferences and participate in other educational opportunities. They are coached on an individual basis every step of the way, and enjoy a culture of endless support.”

Next Generation Marketing would like to focus on our top talent for 2016. Nathan and Samantha were both top leaders in 2016.

“Nathan is always willing to take on any challenge and travel anywhere that comes his direction. He ran all of the national training sessions and always has a great attitude,” Kevin said. “Samantha’s ability to pick up new clients quickly as well as coach and train new team members is amazing. She is a huge key example of an excellent student mentality.”

Kevin also noted that the associates took part in a number of team-building activities throughout the year. From barbecues, to networking functions, to all-expenses-paid vacations, everyone has grown closer while having a great deal of fun. The company is known for its high level of camaraderie, which separates it from its competition. These out-of-office bonding events bolster collaboration in the workplace.

“My favorite travel opportunity we took this year was definitely Tony Robbins four day immersion training! We learned so many key aspects of new techniques that it will help us end on a very high note for 2016,” said Kevin.

Next Generation Marketing, Inc. President Highlights 2016 Giving Efforts

“Giving is another important piece of the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. culture, and we certainly lived up to our philanthropic commitment this year,” Kevin continued. “We focused a lot on a shoe drive for Soles 4 Souls, which is a nonprofit group on a mission to eradicate poverty all over the globe. In particular, the organization collects and distributes clothes and shoes.”

In just a decade, Soles 4 Souls has given more than 26 million pairs of shoes to people in need in 127 countries – including all 50 of the United States. These efforts make it possible for individuals to attend work and school, especially in times of crisis. “We’re honored to contribute to such a worthy cause,” Kevin concluded. “It’s a fundamental and effective way to help people overcome poverty.”

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