Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Plans Fourth-Quarter Goals

The President of Next Generation Marketing, Inc. discussed the firm's ambitious goals for success and growth in the fourth quarter of 2016. He also outlined the importance of setting high benchmarks and leading by example.

​The Next Generation Marketing, Inc. leadership team is optimistic heading into the fourth quarter of 2016. Kevin, the company’s President, explained, “In the last 12 months we have surpassed our projections and added great brands to our portfolio. This has allowed us to build up our marketing team, and I know we are well equipped to handle the volume of events we have scheduled for the holiday season and the fourth quarter as a whole.”

Kevin believes the company’s emphasis on continuing education allows its team members to thrive no matter how demanding things get around the office. “We offer ongoing training on a wide variety of topics,” the President added. “Our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. associates are prepared for any challenge, and I know they will make the most of the opportunities the rest of 2016 brings.” As the firm’s leaders set their sights on major new markets, team members are seeking improvement on a daily basis.

Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s President Discusses Goal Setting, Effective Leadership

Setting audacious goals has always been a point of emphasis for the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. leadership. Kevin commented, “If you don’t have a clear objective you are set up for failure. Every company needs to have a target and work toward it, and we are no different.” What sets Next Generation Marketing, Inc. apart is the fact that associates take active roles in reaching high aims. The President stated, “Our members all participate in setting up the plans to reach our desired outcomes. They initiate and execute strategies that inevitably result in goal achievement.”

Kevin believes clear and reachable goals are essential for maintaining an engaged group of professionals. “People need to know what must be done and who is responsible for what if you expect them to stay on the right track,” he remarked. “Our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. associates always know where things stand and what we are striving to achieve.”

Attaining ambitious objectives requires strong leadership, and the President believes effective leaders need to be the hardest workers in the room. He explained, “Delegating is great for other companies, but leadership in Next Generation Marketing, Inc. has always been and will always be about leading by example.” Kevin and the entire executive team set a positive and confident tone that the company’s associates apply to every new challenge. 

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