Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Hiring New Talent

Next Generation Marketing, Inc.'s President discussed the firm's strong team-based culture, recruitment strategy, and traits sought.

​At Next Generation Marketing, Inc., managers shared that the team is the firm’s best asset. As such, they are judicious in adding new associates. With more business opportunities on the horizon, they’re looking to hire more team players.

“We are a collaborative group at Next Generation Marketing, Inc.,” shared Kevin, the interactive marketing firm’s President. “Our cohesive team is what sets us apart from the competition. Therefore, we do all that we can to maintain a thriving team-based culture.”

As Kevin described, the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. team is diverse. “We have people from a number of backgrounds, with vastly different skills and experiences,” he stated. “Individually, they’re talented in their own areas. Collectively, they’re a powerhouse in terms of delivering outstanding solutions.”

“We nurture our team in the same way a farmer might tend to his garden,” Kevin explained. “We add resources needed for individuals to bloom and thrive in our environment. This ranges from training to coaching that is meaningful to each person’s unique learning style and passions. Our progressive recruitment process allows us to weed out those candidates who might not be serious about teamwork and growth, and to focus on people who can thrive.”

Next Generation Marketing, Inc. President Describes Qualities Sought in Candidates

As Next Generation Marketing, Inc. embarks on their next expansion, Kevin announced that the firm would be hiring new sales and marketing professionals. “We’re looking for career-oriented individuals who are positive and motivated to learn and grow,” he stated.

“We particularly invite people with a strong work ethic to join us,” Kevin added. “The ideal candidate would be someone who is accustomed to setting and attaining goals. Since our objectives are often team-based, it’s absolutely essential that the people we hire can work well with others.”

Kevin emphasized that extensive experience was not necessary. “We have an immersive training program in which our new associates are able to learn hands-on about our methodologies,” he explained. “They’re working alongside more seasoned team members, which allows them to pick up best practices and learn what works and doesn’t work.”

“We’re not just hiring people to fill roles,” Kevin concluded. “We’re recruiting individuals who want a career path and a chance to advance in the future. We’re committed to investing in our team members, individually and as a whole. We recognize that a strong team is the way to best represent businesses and create sustainable futures for all.”

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