Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Gears Up for Fourth Quarter

The Next Generation Marketing, Inc. team is deep in preparations for the upcoming fourth quarter. This interactive marketing firm is busy putting the final touches on what they anticipate to be a successful close to 2017.

“Summer might be ending, but we’re already planning to wow the marketplace during the holiday season,” said Kevin, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s CEO. “We plan to close this year with a bang.”

As Kevin noted, the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. plan is a year-round task. “We don’t wait for one quarter to bring it home,” he said. “In fact, we set our plans for the upcoming year during the fourth quarter so that we’re able to plan our resources accordingly. Throughout the year, we monitor our progress and adjust to market conditions as needed so that we’re continually optimized for excellent outcomes.”

For the upcoming quarter, Kevin stated, “Our goal is to promote another person to executive assistant manager and be able to manage 30 events by the end of the year. Our plan is to focus on individuals that have goals to move from being great employees to valuable leadership roles. This means together we will all have to dig deeper and provide the brands we represent with exceptional service. We need to coach brand new associates on how to promote products and make significant progress every single week. We will have to work very closely together to achieve these goals. Within our team, our leaders will continue to provide exceptional coaching which ensures we reach our objectives.”

Next Generation Marketing, Inc. CEO Describes the Benefits of Goal Setting

Kevin explained that the key to Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s success lies heavily in goal setting. “We strive to set SMART goals for our teams: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Sensitive,” he said. “By using this formula, we can create metrics to track our progress. We leverage this with real-time feedback that lets us monitor how our strategies are working so that we can tweak them to be more responsive to what’s happening in the market. Together, we’re able to make a profound difference for the brands we represent.”

“We create common goals for our team, which encourages everyone to work together to accomplish them,” he added. “Our company culture is based on teamwork and collaboration. We emphasize how important it is for everyone to do their part and inspire them to achieve their team and individual goals.”

As Kevin concluded, “Without a goal and an action plan behind it, our vision is just a dream! We don’t want to dream. We want to grow!”

About Next Generation Enterprises:

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Source: Next Generation Marketing