Next Generation Marketing, Inc Builds on Ambitions in 2017

The managers at Next Generation Marketing, Inc recently announced that the firm had an excellent 2017. In addition to exceptional outcomes for the brands they represent, they achieved other goals and are gearing up for 2018.

“It’s been a good year in many ways,” stated Kevin, Next Generation Marketing, Inc CEO. “We saw great results with our in-person marketing campaigns. Our team members achieved professional growth as well. We continued to push the ball forward in many areas of our firm.”

As Kevin noted, one such 2017 goal was for Next Generation Marketing, Inc to build a stronger relationship with a larger retail partner. “This outfit is a one stop, do-it-all company, so it was a genuine score for our team,” he said. “We also solidified our relationship with brands we represent, ensuring our business growth along with theirs.”

For 2018, Kevin expects a big push to empower more team members to take on leadership roles. “We want our people to share in the responsibilities so that we can drive our events to the next level,” he said. “We need more executive assistant managers to fulfill this objective. This means we will provide ample opportunities for career advancement right here with our current team, as well as bring on more people.”

Next Generation Marketing, Inc CEO Discusses the Importance of Goal Setting

According to Kevin, the impetus behind Next Generation Marketing, Inc’s success is their goal setting agenda. “We are meticulous about setting goals that are specific, measurable, and attainable,” Kevin said. “We set deadlines and milestones so that we can track our progress.”

Kevin shared that he is a firm believer in the practice of establishing goals with metrics. “Let’s think about it for a moment,” he noted. “If there is no goal, there is no target. Without a target, there is no success. Aim for nothing and you hit nothing.”

“Our people have common goals that we strive to accomplish as a team,” he said. “Each individual is responsible for his or her own success, and as such have individual targets they need to achieve.”

With these goals, team members can build on their personal bests to reach milestones they need for career advancement. “We are committed to setting our people up to achieve their unmatched ambitions,” Kevin said. “By providing them with concrete objectives, they can watch and act on their own career journey. This is how to plan for success.”  

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