Great Interning Program at Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Company leaders at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. discussed the positives of the firm's internship program. The firm's President highlighted the accomplishments of Ahmed R., one of the company's most successful interns.

PLEASANTON CA – Company leaders at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. discussed the positives of the firm’s internship program. The firm’s President highlighted the accomplishments of Ahmed R., one of the company’s most successful interns.

“The summer interns this year brought a lot of talent to the table,” declared Kevin, the President of Next Generation Marketing, Inc. “They had a great student mentality in place already, so not only did they learn fast but they were hungry for the knowledge. Their fresh eyes, new perspectives, and vitality are real benefits to our company.”

In return, Next Generation Marketing, Inc. has a lot to offer interns as well. Not only do they receive practical knowledge about the marketing industry and true hands-on experience in campaign development and execution, the firm provides one-to-one coaching for all new additions to the team – both associates and interns.

“We have seen a lot of great progress with our interns,” Kevin shared. “Each intern is so different and brings many unique qualities to the table. We have seen our interns really take all of their assignments very seriously as well as we see our interns invest a lot of time into their learning. Not only will they walk away with great experience and letters of recommendation, many of them will be asked to return as full-time associates.”

When asked how many interns transitioned into Next Generation Marketing, Inc. colleagues, Kevin shared that it was hard to say. Not all of them are seniors in college, nor are they always local students. It might take a few years for them to find their way back. That said, the President thought that around 75 percent eventually partner with the firm again in some way.

Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Highlights Ahmed R.

“The best part of working with Next Generation Marketing, Inc. interns is that we are training the next generation of promotions professionals,” Kevin declared. “One of the real success stories from our program is Ahmed, who interned in the summer of 2015 and is now an account manager with the firm.”

When Ahmed was asked about the value of interning at Next Generation Marketing, Inc., he had this to say: “The internship helped me a lot in the professional world. First of all, I understand how to communicate with customers. Then I learned a lot about sales, marketing, HR, leadership, and management. The communications training I received definitely improved areas of my personal life as well.”

Now, as an account manager, Ahmed’s favorite parts of the role include the meetings that occur just before launching a campaign and the morning calls. “Improving my communication skills has had a really profound impact. Knowing how to work with people is the foundation of success in both business and life in general.”

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